Some Gals Are Actually Putting Wasp Nests In Their Vaginas Because This Is Our World Now

I still don’t understand women and I’m a grown man. Well, according to my family I’m not. But for the love of everything that is holy why are some women shoving wasp nests up their vagina? Yes, that’s actually happening.

To kick things off right off the bat, doctors are of course advising that women do not do this at all. And while the actual nest isn’t being put in the vagina, it is something called “oak galls” that actually are. According to gynecologist Dr. Jen Gunter, “oak galls” are, and get this, “balls of bark and wasp excreta that once nurtured a wasp larva, and “oak galls” are formed when a “gall wasp punctures an oak tree and deposits larva.” So probably not something you wanna shove inside you.


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Photo: Otto Hahn (Getty)

So why in the hell are some women doing this? Well apparently some websites are saying that when oak galls are ground up, they “tighten the vagina and reduce vaginal discharge,” which is supposed to remove unpleasant odor and itching.” You can also try a shower, but hey, what the hell do I know?


Photo: Etsy

But leave it to Dr. Gunter to spit some knowledge out, as she says that tightening or drying down south makes gals more susceptible to damage during sex, and also kills the protective mucous layer. And guess what else? It also puts you at a higher risk of HIV.

Want to know more about the vagina? Well here you go:

“A healthy vagina will also secrete small amounts of discharge to keep itself clean, much as saliva is produced to help cleanse your mouth. Any interference with these normal conditions, and you may face vaginal irritation or infection,” this according to Everyday Health.

So that’s something you can tell your girlfriend or your wife to really get her in the mood. And remember, ladies, stay away from shoving wasp nests inside of you.

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