‘Game Of Thrones’ Actor Kit Harington Looks Scarily Like A Young George R.R. Martin


We’ve had to sit down and think a lot during season seven of Game Of Thrones to be able to take in all the twists and turns.

We’ve had ultimate dragon scenes, one of the dragons being killed, and the possibility of a Tormund-Brienne romance.

However, as the series nears its conclusion, maybe there’s a bigger shock to come.

In a tweet by Ryan Broderick, a great theory was produced that could prove that Jon Snow is hiding a big secret.


The tweet shows how alike Kit Harington, who plays Jon Snow, King in the North, and the show’s creator George R.R. Martin are.

It’s not certain when the photo of Martin was taken, but we’re guessing it was at a similar age to what Kit is now – 30.

The actor who models is long brown curly hair and beard, looks exactly like the writer; also modelling long brown hair and a beard. They even match on the glasses.

Spooky shit, eh?

Credit: PA

Martin, who wrote A Song of Ice and Fire, on which the hit HBO show is based, is now 68, and casts his beady eye over proceedings as the show’s executive producer.

In 2005, he was described as the ‘Tolkien of America’ in Time Magazine – referencing the Lord Of The Rings creator – and in 2011 was listed in the annual Time 100 ‘most influential people in the world’.

Kit, some 38 years younger, has appeared in Game Of Thrones since its first series in 2011.

As you can expect, many on social media were shocked at the similarity between the two gents.

You couldn’t make it up… well George R.R. Martin could.

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