Gamer Discovers Girlfriend Has A “Slutty Cam Girl” Secret Life



I have used this line before. This dude is lucky that he is so unlucky. Something like this could have come out months or years down the road. He could have married this girl. After the wedding, she would pull out her laptop say “I gotta show you something” and bang… her titties.

Life ruined. Instead, his heart is burning hard now but he should bounce back from this. (Look at me talking like I know how this would feel)

He posted his nightmare of a story on an AskReddit thread:

Mine tops them all. My lads and I were getting done playing some cs and shooting the shit when someone dropped a gonewild link in the skype call saying we had to check it out. the video was okay but on the site something else caught my eye. one of the girls on the site looked like my girlfriend. it was a smaller pic in a collage to a site and when I followed the URL sure enough it was her. She had a profile vidoes the whole thing. I couldn’t move I was in full body shock. Without thinking I sent the link in the skype group. Hoping to get help from my friends. They helped all right, they found another 20+ videosof my girlfriend on various cam websites.  


Poor dude… “An ad really caught his eye” and sadly it wasn’t for the “STOP JERKING IT: MILF’s near you want to bang tonight.”  It was for a live cam website.

He could have just walked away now. Closed the browser, and hope that the site didn’t have any tracking cookies on him to show up again.

Instead, he clicked it. And F*CKED HIS LIFE!


He updated the thread with answers to 3 questions: 

  1. We aren’t rich. I pay for almost everything. I don’t understand why she was doing this if it wasn’t for the money. Seriously she doesn’t buy anything and I have seen her bank account.
  2. I am not mad at my friends for looking at her. It was obviously a crazy time in my life and they supported me the way they though would help.
  3. Yes we broke up.

The girl is no longer in the camming business. The description on her page is unreal… It was:

WARNING: Proceed With Floaties! Extreme Squirting Orgasms! 

Looks like you let a freaky one get away buddy… But it was the right thing to do…

I am guessing that was the end of his night of gaming. Awkward.



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