Genius Guy Lands Dream Job By Giving Future Boss A Bottle Of Beer With His Credentials On The Label


Getting a job is basically about who can lie about their experience the most effectively. When I was in the Finance world, my resume indicated I was “Highly proficient in Microsoft Excel,” even though I had just learned the SUM function on my last day in the industry. I told Jason, the managing editor here at BroBible, that my excessive drinking would not interfere with my productivity. That was a lie, seeing as I just puked this morning and am having trouble staying alive, nevermind writing cohesive sentences. Bottom line, it’s a fake it till you make it type world.

Unless you’re Liam Tutty. Liam is a 32-year-old digital media employee who, instead of bullshitting his way into a gig at Rye River Brewing Company in Ireland, found a creative and way to sell his skills and separate himself from the pack.

Tutty, a home beer brewer, saw that the Rye River Brewing Company was undergoing a massive expansion and was determined to get a job with the company despite no positions open for his specific skill set.

So Tutty got creative. The Irish bro decided to recreate a bottle of the company’s most popular brands–McGargles–but used the label to bear his cartoonish face below the words “Liam wants a job…and a reason to go to a brewery every day.” Smooth.


The label also contains a website that directs his potential employer to a website he created that details his experience.


He also provided a creative paper cover letter to show even more that he wasn’t fucking around.


Tutty told the Mirror:

“My job wasn’t advertised but when I read about the expansion I felt sure they would have a place for me.

I also thought if they didn’t the beer might stay in their mind and if a post come up at some point in the future they might think ‘who was that lunatic who sent us beer’.

I was proud of the product but nervous as i thought the person would either laugh or I would be written off as the madman of the brewing community.

But like my wife said if he doesn’t laugh he’s probably not the kind of person you want to work for – but he did.

“I think the package was attention grabbing too as Niall [employer] said his first thought was ‘why has someone sent me a pipe bomb.”

He will start his new job on December 14.

Just goes to show you, bros, if you want a job bad enough, all you have to do is meticulously and methodically brew your own beer, create a detailed label, buy a domain, create a website, and type up a unique, brand-aware cover letter.



Genius Guy Lands Dream Job By Giving Future Boss A Bottle Of Beer With His Credentials On The Label

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I suppose the best way to get into Trump Organization LLC is with a personalised dildo.

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