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Geordie Shore Star Fired For ‘Repeatedly Kicking Housemate In Head’

Geordie Shore Star Fired For ‘Repeatedly Kicking Housemate In Head’


If you spend your Tuesday nights watching the mind-numbing MTV hit Geordie Shore, expect one less cast member to be there next time you tune in – Chloe Ferry has reportedly been axed from the show.

The 21-year-old was alledgedly shown the door on the series after she aggressively lashed out at new housemate Zahida Allen.


An inside source told The Sun that the reality star began ‘kicking the new girl in the head’ when she saw her holding hands with her ex Marty McKenna.

The source told the paper:

Chloe was completely mortal. She kicked off in the club after seeing Marty holding hands with Zahida. She was totally radge. All of a sudden Zahida was cowering on the floor and it looked like Chloe kicked her in the head. Chloe had been drinking all night and just lost it. She was kicked out and sent home in a cab.

But matters went from bat shit crazy to even worse for Ferry when producers are said to have contacted her at the house and told her to pack her bags, sending her home and out of the show.

The source said: “It’s not looking good for Chloe. It’s not clear if she’ll be allowed to return for the rest of the series.”

However, another source denied Chloe kicked Zahida – but confirmed they were caught in a fight, which isn’t too surprising given the show’s history with escalated arguments.

If you were hoping there would be one less Geordie Shore cast member, it probably won’t be long until they find a replacement…


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