Georgia Man Gets Sucker Punched At A Bar

A bar customer in Georgia has been charged with murder after what authorities have described as an unprovoked sucker punch attack against another man.

Police say David Digiacomo, 40, punched 34-year-old Clint Ali early Friday morning at Jack’s Bar And Grill in Braselton, killing him.

Surveillance footage obtained by Fox 5 shows a man identified as Digiacomo walking up to Ali and punching him on the side of his head. Ali was at a jukebox when he got punched, according to Braselton police.

‘It’s murder, I mean the guy just go up to him, a defenseless guy doesn’t even know what’s about to hit him,’ Assistant Police Chief Lou Solis said.

Digiacomo, according to Solis, told other people inside the bar that Ali had previously made threats against one of his friends.

But, Solis said, no report was ever filed about such threats – and it wouldn’t make any difference in the case.

Ali didn’t have any enemies, the bar manager said.

Investigators at the Georgia Bureau of Investigation crime lab found that the punch and the fall that ensued had killed Ali.

A nurse who was inside the bar at the time and paramedics who responded to the scene gave Ali CPR. He died at the hospital.

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