Georgia Substitute Teacher Invites Two Students To Her Home, Has Sex With Them Both

If you’re looking for something that happens more frequently than Donald Trump saying something unintelligent, you can look at what seems to be happening in our school system every week: a teacher hooking up with one of her students, because that has been happening a lot — like, a whole lot.



Laura Rich, a 38-year-old Georgia substitute teacher, has been arrested for allegedly inviting two male students to have sex with her at her home, in what is turning out to be the easiest assignment a sub has ever given students. Rich worked as a teacher at the Ace Academy in Canton between January 2015 and this August, and was charged with several counts of sexual assault by a teacher.

The teacher’s victims were a 16-year-old and an 18-year-old, and while both were of age at the time to legally consent, according to Georgia law, police says it does not matter at all in the context.

“It’s the relationship she had as teacher-student that made it a crime,” Cherokee County sheriff’s office Lt. Jay Baker said.

Rich allegedly invited the two students to her home multiple times, and it seems her relationship with the 16-year-old lasted longer than her relationship with the 18-year-old.

Rich was released on a $22,400 bond, and the Cherokee County School District said it has cut all ties with the horny teacher.


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