Georgia Woman Arrested Over McDonald’s Apple Pie

Georgia Woman Arrested Over McDonald’s Apple Pie

According to Fox5 Atlanta, the woman expected to receive the snack for free, because of the wait. When employees informed her she would still have to pay, she became aggressive.

“Starts screaming and using profanity at the employee, aggressively walking toward her, punching her fist into her hand,” said Covington Police Officer Justin Stott, Fox5 reported.

The police were called to the fast food location and arrested the customer for disorderly conduct – a reported $837 citation.

“A dollar and six for an apple pie versus an 837 dollar disorderly conduct citation. Her car was towed too so you can stack a tow charge on top of that,” said Officer Stott, Fox5 reported.

No one was injured during the incident. It was not reported whether or not the woman paid the fine.

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