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Germany’s Love Island Makes The UK Version Look Super Tame

Germany’s Love Island Makes The UK Version Look Super Tame


Considering the amount of complaints Love Island got about ‘indecency’ it’s a good job the German’s aren’t quite as easily offended…  


If ITV had aired the German version of the show there’s a good chance all those sensitive viewers would’ve reached some sort of high blood-pressured frenzy as the contestants spend all their time completely naked.


According to The Mirror, being continuously nude is a prerequisite of being on the German version of the show and the contestants are more than happy to oblige.

To be honest, it’s pretty much exactly the same as the UK version, except all the mundane stuff that they do – like laundry and cleaning – is naked.



Temperatures are raised slightly when two contestants are sent on a date that ends in a naked massage, while another couple seem to be happy just openly having a little grope of each other. Lovely stuff.

Even the ‘confessionals’ are all conducted naked, so viewers get a close up and personal view of all the contestants as they ‘look for love’.


Who knows, maybe it’ll be an absolute smash hit and ITV will be chomping at the bit to recreate it for the UK audience – although I seriously doubt that the Ofcom exchange will be able to handle all the outrage…


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Is she pegging him? That looks an awful lot like Deadpool

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