A Giant Alien ‘Spoon’ Has Been Spotted On Mars

‘Is there life on Mars?’ David Bowie asked in 1971 and all these years later I think it’s safe to say, yes. Yes, there’s life on Mars.

Footage from NASA’s rover appears to show a massive spoon.

See. And this isn’t the first time a ‘spoon’ has been found on the Red Planet. There have also been sightings of ‘gloves’ and ‘rings’.

Understandably, the latest sighting has got alien enthusiasts all excited (they’re generally a pretty excitable bunch.)

Posting on the YouTube upload, one said: “There is a giant spoon on Mars! This thing is amazing! Probably left over from a lost civilization.”

Others seem less impressed. “How un-evolved, didn’t even reach the spork age,” writes one.

With another pointing out that if it is a spoon, it’s fucking massive: “What’s the size of that spoon? Only a giant could eat from that.”

So, do we need to be worried about giant, spoon-loving Martians or not? We need answers, NASA.

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