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A Giant Vagina-Shaped Crop Circle Has Mysteriously Appeared

A Giant Vagina-Shaped Crop Circle Has Mysteriously Appeared


In strange news, a giant vagina-shaped crop circle has appeared in a field in France.

The 120-metre long crop circle ‘mysteriously’ appeared in a field next to a high school in the village of Montferrier-sur-Lez, close to Montpellier.

But rather than being down to visitors from another planet, it turns out the bizarre apparition is actually the work of a couple of sexologists, reports 


Marie-Noëlle Lanuit and Jean-Claude Piquard, who carried out the stunt are apparently hoping it will help to denounce the ‘code of silence’ around the clitoris.

The pair say they cut the crop field to get people talking about female sexual pleasure, and the clitoris specifically as it has ‘no visibility in biology textbooks’.

Lanuit told Midi-Libre

The clitoris is either absent or it is included but with no mention that it is the organ of female pleasure.

Female pleasure is taboo in the medical world. Only the vaginal pleasure is taught where the clitoris plays a secondary role, with arguments that are often incompatible with anatomical data.

It is sometimes named, but it is never drawn in textbooks in the complete form. In books it is usually presented as a small bean.

And it sounds like there is more awareness raising to come.

The sexologists have put out a call to women to gather around the giant clitoris on Sunday, dressed in red to represent the colour of organ’s nerve endings.

All I can see when I look at the crop circle is the James Bond SPECTRE symbol…


But, you know, each to their own…


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