12 Gifs Of Lasers Cleaning Stuff

I wish I could go through life with one of these lasers that can remove any substance from most surfaces. Accumulated dirt, steel rust, bronze patinas, plastic residues, oil… anything.

 Tattoo removal

Rust removal from a piece of steel that makes no financial sense to restore

Rubber removal from tire mould

Bronze eagle patina removal

Removing rubber from a motor.

Restoring art by removing a thin corroded layer of stone

Removing paint and primer from a car

Residue from titanium nitride-coated molds

Source video

Dirt from stainless steel

Source video

Pencil from paper

Source video

Ink from anilox roller

Source video

Dirt from marble

Source video

Area specific removal

Source video
12 Gifs Of Lasers Cleaning Stuff

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