wall-FB572033cab5fc8[1]Girl Accidentally Flashes After Forgetting To Turn Off Camera During Live Stream

“KAY WHAT THE F*CK!!!!!!!” This guy’s stream accidentally went NSFW real quick!

Another Gamer Girl Accidentally Flashed Her Boobs During A Live Broadcast

The twitch streamers name is genietFAN. He was playing 2man h1z1 when a girl named kaitwan13 (don’t worry about looking her up she has already deleted her social media’s)

Here is his take on the situation: She is drunk, and she wants to “skype” and im like no we are live, hello? she is like ok then put me up on your stream. And i was like ye sure why not, i know my viewers love girls the 240 viewers that already was there im talking about, i knew they wanted to see her, so i made a thing out of it, and then we kept playing, then my boys wake up, and i brought them in, and they wanted to play and join the skype call, so there we are 5 guys playing h1z1, and she is sitting on the call with us, and then suddenly 3hrs later she undresses herself, and apparently her breasts are all over.

** update: i did not do this for publicity or viewers of anykind, SirScoots tweeted my oddshot, i asked him to take it down, i closed my stream so you would understand that i dont care for the “hype” and i will be back when everything is cooled down. **


He is in contact with twitch admins and im waiting for their decision on whats going to happen with him.


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