Girl Barred From Attending Prom For Daring To Wear A Tuxedo

Girl Barred From Attending Prom For Daring To Wear A Tuxedo

Aniya Wolf of Bishop McDevitt High School in Harrisburg, Penssylvania wasn’t allowed to attend prom because she chose to wear a tuxedo instead of a dress, which the school had expressly forbid in their dress code for some strange reason.

Wolf is a lesbian who says she has never been into “girly” stuff. “I was always more masculine,” she explained. “You wouldn’t catch me playing with any Barbie dolls, I’ll tell you that right now.”

Wolf’s mother says they received a last minute email explaining that girls had to wear dresses in order to attend the prom, which was held on Friday. Wolf’s mom felt this was unfair and contacted the school. “I told them that I had read the dress code that was given to the students and I didn’t think that it precluded her from wearing a suit,” Carolyn Wolf said. “I said that this was very unfair, particularly at the last minute. We had gone out and bought a new suit. I think my daughter is beautiful in a suit.”

Despite knowing her outfit did not conform to the dress code, Aniya Wolf attempted to go the prom anyway, but she wasn’t allowed in. According to Wolf, she decided to leave when a school official threatened to call the police.

Per an ABC News report:

The school released a statement Saturday saying the dress code was sent to parents three months ago specifying girls must wear formal dresses, and those who didn’t follow it would not be admitted. A reminder was sent to all students on March 6, the school said.

The school also said in the statement “Bishop McDevitt will continue to practice acceptance and love for all of our students. They are tremendous young men and women. We simply ask that they follow the rules that we have put into place.” Of course, just because you say you will continue to practice love and acceptance doesn’t mean it’s going to happen. Also, it’s hard to continue doing something you aren’t already doing in the first place.

There’s a clear difference between enforcing a dress code that demands students wear formal attire and demanding they dress according to traditional gender norms. Forcing someone who doesn’t want to wear a dress into wearing one in order to participate in a school event is pretty far from acceptance. Threatening to call the police over it is even further.


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A good lawyer could get in here. No where does it say girls must wear dresses, it says ‘Dresses are to be formal.’

I don’t particularly care about her rights or feelings. I don’t care if she shows up in cross attire. It’s too much stress over nothing.

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