Is This Girl The Biggest Friggin’ Asshole On Tinder? YBTJ

Is This Girl The Biggest Friggin’ Asshole On Tinder? YBTJ

“I have a boyfriend who is most likely more intelligent and definitely more endowed than you.”

Doubtful on both counts, especially considering he’s dating you.

“In fact most of you swipe right without ever attempting to READ the crap below the pics.”

Well duh, yeah, this is Tinder on your iPhone, not Harry Potter on your Kindle.

“If you swiped right before reading this I have successfully wasted your time, for which I have an infinitesimal amount of remorse.”

Considering that swiping right takes about .00003 seconds and you writing this entire bio out took at least 3 minutes, I’d say that you’ve successfully wasted your own time more than any guy’s wasted his.

“I have a program that auto swipes right…”

No you don’t.

“Rest assured, you have zero chance with me.”

Nor would anyone want a chance with you upon finding out what a stupid cockbag you sound like.

“Thanks for playing!!!!”

You’re welcome:)


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