Girl Breaks Up With Boyfriend After Catching Him Doing Weird Stuff With Bananas

The dating world is getting weirder and weirder. This is shocking and probably not even the weirdest thing out there. But still enough reason for this girl to leave her boyfriend and get back on Tinder. Since she was there, she might as well share why she kicked him to the curb.

“New to tinder just got out of a serious relationship” is what my buddy always looks for when he is on a swipe spree.

The odds are these people coming out of relationships are going to be “more down” his words not mine. It totally makes sense. Especially when you see what this girl was dealing with before.

Part two of this story which we haven’t even thought of. Is the dude from her past on Tinder with a similar profile? This is why I got dumped! IM READY!

Check out her Tinder post below. I mean what he was doing wasn’t that weriddddd. Okay yeah, it was. Creep.

At this point, I can’t tell if people are on Tinder just to work on new lines to use. Like how?

Seriously… Like this dude found a long way to find out if she likes dogs or cats.


And these guys played a game of Go Fish!

This girl isn’t showing any mixed signals.

This is a great one for people looking for lines at home.

And the Winner for best Tinder convo of all time… THIS GUY!

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