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Girl Completely Loses Her Marbles After Being Ignored By Dude On Tinder

Girl Completely Loses Her Marbles After Being Ignored By Dude On Tinder

Crazy Girl

There sure is an interesting bunch of folks on Tinder, I would know. I’ve been part of it. And so was the girl who had to deal with this crazy dude on Tinder when she rejected him. But we also can’t forget the genius behind this awesome Tinder bio that featured a take on the popular speech from Taken. But then you have girls like the one below on Tinder. And while they may be a rare find, they are out there.

So apparently Reddit user 3Redf matched with a girl named Samantha on Tinder. Judging by her tiny photo she seems normal enough. Well, that’s what we thought until this dude took quite a long time to say hello back to her. And Samantha was not having it.

Check out the crazy exchange below:





Man, she actually told him that she hopes he failed his exams. That’s just brutal. What a damn savage.

In all seriousness, I don’t know what is up with Samantha, and I understand he took months to reply to her, but damn, Samantha needs to chill. Also, I wonder if girls are now staying away from Tinder like she hoped.



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