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Girl Ditches Movie Date And Then Drops Salt In Guy’s Wound

Girl Ditches Movie Date And Then Drops Salt In Guy’s Wound


It’s every online dater’s worst fear: you don’t look as good in real life as your photos which causes your date to ‘go the toilet’ and flee out the window.

This guy, who goes by the name Trouble on Twitter, was just taking a girl to the cinema to see Star Wars Rogue One and thought it was going pretty well.

It seems the girl had other ideas though, and suffered from disappointment at first sight as she wanted ‘to be around someone better looking’.

Here’s the brutal exchange…

‘Shorty’ said she was going to the bathroom, and then did a runner followed by a shamefully savage text.

Clearly burned by his unforgiving ‘shorty’, Trouble warns the world to not ‘expect shit from nobody’.

He didn’t want sex, he just wanted to ‘show her how I function’

After some private flirty messaging on Twitter, the two decided to date, and now he’s left sweeping the remaining crumbs of his self-esteem from a cinema carpet.

Some people are seriously shallow…

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