Girl Exposes Classmate When He Gets Really Creepy In Her Messages

Girl Exposes Classmate When He Gets Really Creepy In Her Messages

An 18-year-old student has won Twitter after she called out an older classmate for creepily hitting on her. 

Savannah Gibson, who is studying in College Station, Texas, and is originally from Houston, struck up a convo with a guy in class after she asked him a question.

Speaking to BuzzFeed, Savannah said she barely knew the bloke but they decided to exchange numbers so they could help each other out.

In need of some class notes, she decided to text him and what ensued can only be described as confusing AF.

She just wanted a PDF file that was handed out in one of her classes, so she just reached out to a fellow classmate. Seems harmless enough because it is. Well, the dude she asked apparently thought she was asking for something else completely different because this is the response he gave her.

What the hell just happened? “Got me feelin like a pervert over here god damn” is the most cringe worthy line I’ve heard recently.

It doesn’t end there. Gibson shared it on her Twitter where it instantly blew up, so naturally the dude saw it on the internet and had this to say.

Well, I think we can wrap this one with a tweet from another Twitter user.

Yep, well said.

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