Girl Finds Husband’s Saved Sex Tape On Phone, Sends It To All His Contacts – It Goes Viral


Lee Hanlon and Amy Maxwell were both agency staff working for oil giants Shell when a video of them indulging in carnal acts was reportedly shared on social networks.

Lee Hanlon, 32, and Amy Maxwell, 33 — both married to other people — captured the session on his phone
Angry: Charon, right, was devastated to discover the videos in her husband Lee’s, left, phone

The couple, who are both married to other people, were allegedly filmed having sex by 32-year-old Mr Hanlon on his mobile phone.

It is claimed his wife Charon then discovered the video and sent it on to a number of his contacts – including workmates and bosses at the company.

The footage, taken in a Premier Inn this month, was then shared widely and it has since been revealed the pair have lost their jobs at Shell.

A spokesman confirmed to the Mirror Online the pair were agency staff who had both been “redeployed” since the footage came to light.

decommissioning plant in Aberdeen
Meeting: It is claimed the couple first met while working on the decommissioning plant in Aberdeen

Charon, 37, is alleged to have set up a WhatsApp group called “shagging” and, posing as her husband, posted the videos with the message: “Been caught cheating on wife and 8 month old baby with slag from Shell. Anyone else up for it?”

According to The Sun, she is also said to have scratched “cheating b*****d” into the paintwork of his Audi car.

Police confirmed they had been called, but said no charges had been filed.

It is claimed Lee and Amy, 33, met six months ago while working at Shell’s decommissioning plant in Aberdeen.

When quizzed about the incident, Amy told the Sun the video had ruined her life.

She said: “Everybody has seen the videos. It has ruined lives. It wasn’t an affair, it was a one-off. It was only on his phone for two days before his wife found it.”

Both couples are said to be staying together despite the incident.

….what’s that? You probably thought you were going to see the video they made that supposedly went viral? We don’t want to link to straight up pornographic stuff here…but if I were you, I’d try googling

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Daily Find: frt66


Girl Finds Husband’s Saved Sex Tape On Phone, Sends It To All His Contacts – It Goes Viral

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