Girl Finds Next Level Catfish Using Her Photos And, In A Way, They Deserve A Medal


In case you aren’t in the know when it comes to catfishing or being catfished, have a read of its Urban Dictionary entry.

“A catfish is someone who pretends to be someone they’re not using Facebook or other social media to create false identities, particularly to pursue deceptive online romances.”

Although people have pretended to be other people on the Internet from the second it was first launched, the phenomenon of social media catfishing blew up around the time of the aptly-titled documentary, Catfish.

Video: Universal Pictures

It centered around one guy called Nev and the progress of his over-Facebook-only relationship. In the end, well, you can guess what happens. And if you can’t guess, I won’t tell you. It’s a good watch.

The filmmakers eventually followed up on the critical and commercial success of the 2010 documentary with the an even bigger MTV series and the rest is history. People still do it and unfortunately, people still fall for it.

Back in my day, it was pretty easy. Basically, any profile/profile picture that was pixelated, on a beach (there are no beaches in suburban Yorkshire) or just generally scant in detail/full of sunglasses promotions, was almost definitely a bullshitter.

Judging by this recent tweet from a girl named Jessica Hunt, though, the ante has been well and truly upped.


Someone has taken a picture from her social media and edited only the face, presumably to be used elsewhere. Maybe Tinder. There’s a lot of slippery customers on there.

Even after a double take, it’s hard to see any blatant Photoshop fuck-ups.

This is the real Jessica Hunt.

“OH MY GOD,” She wrote on Twitter. “That is my body and my house but who’s face is that!?!? Catfish game is getting silly.”

That last sentence sorta means to me that this isn’t the first time Jessica has experienced being used for someone’s catfish. Weird. Why not just use your own photo? Or if you’re gonna be a catfish, at least be funny about it and make it obviously, hilariously shit.

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