Girl Gets Revenge After Guy Cancels Plans With Her For “The Boys”


This is some weird revenge… But people get revenge in different ways! Sometimes they hop into a bathroom stall and “do it for the boys.”

If you have been on the internet for the past 52 weeks there is no way you haven’t heard someone say Saturdays are for the boys. Barstool sports has had tons of famous people say it and it started to grow and grow.

This guy wanted to be part of the Saturday club… But it might have ended up being a HUGE mistake. Or blessing?

On one hand, he just threw away months of work because he wanted to hang out with the guys. On the other, it looked like he might have dodged a little bit of crazy along the way!

Because if this is how she gets revenge after just a few months. Can you imagine what she would do if she gets made years down the road?!

Like the guy who tweeted out all these pics and info, I can’t tell if this was a good move or bad?

He and this girl weren’t 100% exclusive but they were basically dating (whatever the fuck that means) They made a plan to go to a country music festival that was taking place on a weekend.

The girl got a fake tan and the guy got to watch. The girl got the tickets and the guy was going for free. Sounds like a win win to me!

Until the boys wanted to do something on Saturday. So he backed out of the plan. That is when shit started to get real weird, real quick.

Here is the Tweet.

“I can’t tell if I dodged a bullet or made the biggest mistake of my life”

Here is the text exchange.

Already giving this guy a lot of credit. But he is about to blow it all up… For the boys…

Ah shit. Pissedddddddd off!

You can tell he went into panic mode at the end of those texts.




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