Girl Gives Her Ten Reason To Have Sex With Dogs!


Chick Gives Her Opinion On Why Women Should Have Sex With Dogs!


Girl Gives Her Ten Reason To Have Sex With Dogs!

11 replies on “Girl Gives Her Ten Reason To Have Sex With Dogs!”

and this is on youtube… can’t wait to see her reaction vid for when a future husband/employer etc watch

should be an app to keep idiots from posting vids which will pretty much destroy their lives.

I still can’t believe someone actually posted a video promoting this as if it were totally normal and fine. I really want to see this end up on the news or something too lol.

I wonder if this is something PETA approves of or not, new naked ad slogan coming maybe

If you do some research (Google is your freind here) you will find that she just turned 18 and has no intention of getting a real job or or anything, The future husband and/or employer will be working with her because they like what she is doing. Her future is straight up PORN, although she may be able to get a job in the industry, she may not be able to get a job with some of the mainstream companies, because of this viral video.

yeah, something about a video and finger banging and tricking guys into smelling her fingers telling them it’s perfume….something like that. Too vulgar even for us.

I wonder how a girl knows she is allergic to dog sperm. And if you do die of it, imagine your legacy being that you got world famous for dying from fucking a dog.

BTW google officialwhitneywisconsin

Yeah she apparently went by Whitney_Wisconsin on reddit and was banned for drama there and she also scammed a bunch of people by offering videos of her banging her dog but after being paid failed to deliver the vids. If you read up on this girl she is a real piece of work. Also I did find her name but I don’t want to post it here cuz I might be breaking the rules or something.

Damn it! She’s from Wisconsin, now we have to add her to the list: Joseph McCarthy, Jeffrey Dahmer, Ed Gein, Willem Dafoe, Slender Man Girls and Whitney Wisconsin. And to think we had such a nice state once

Instead of hidden finds, we should have hidden links to depraved porn.

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