Girl Loses NASA Internship After Vulgar Twitter Argument

Girl Loses NASA Internship After Vulgar Twitter Argument –




Naomi didn’t tell just any member of the National Space Council to “suck [her] dick and balls.” Homer Hickam is a NASA engineering legend.


According to Wikipedia- Homer Hadley Hickam Jr. (born February 19, 1943) is an American author, Vietnam veteran, and a former NASA engineer who trained the first Japanese astronauts. His 1998 memoir Rocket Boys (also published as October Sky) was a New York Times Best Seller and was the basis for the 1999 film October Sky. Hickam has also written a number of best-selling memoirs and novels, including the “Josh Thurlow” historical fiction novels and his 2015 best-selling Carrying Albert Home: The Somewhat True Story of a Man, his Wife, and her Alligator. His books have been translated into many languages.




Once he found out that Naomi lost her internship offer, the two connected and apologized to each other.




Hopefully she’ll watch what she says on social media from now on.

How will Space Force succeed without Naomi?



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