Girl Makes The ‘Most Vulgar’ Cake Imaginable For A Birthday Boy

Abi Smith, 24, from Derbyshire, was given this challenge for her friend’s boyfriend’s birthday – and she didn’t disappoint.

The baker decided to make a ‘Thai ladyboy’ masterpiece.

What does this entail? A sponge molded into the shape of a body bending downwards on a bed, complete with all too realistic fondant genitals, lace stockings and a ‘Jonny’ tattoo on one bum cheek as a tribute to the birthday boy.

Jonny was presented with the explicit cake surrounded by his partner Adele, his sister, parents and some friends – and his reaction is priceless.

It’s so realistic, we’ve decided to blur the images and video so as not to offend.

Abi told Mirror Online: “The cake took two whole days to make and is completely edible.

“It’s made up of sponge cake with a jam and cream filling, fondant icing to cover, cake lace for the stockings, popping candy in the anus and airbrushed with colour to get the definition.

“The cake was a surprise for Jonny so he had no idea what was coming!

“So when I delivered the cake, it was placed on a table in a box until everyone had gathered round, we then recorded him opening the box and the whole crowd exploded with laughter and disbelief that it was actually a real edible cake.


“The cake has almost all been eaten,” Abi said. “There’s just the bum cheeks left. I like my cakes to taste as good as they look!”

Check out his reaction below:


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