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Girl Pays To Have Her Leg Amputated Over Ingrown Toe Nail

Girl Pays To Have Her Leg Amputated Over Ingrown Toe Nail



The pain from an ingrowing toe nail was so severe that a teenager spent £5,000 to have her leg amputated.

Hannah Moore spent every hour for a year in agony and decided that the only solution was to cut it off, the Mirror reports.

Doctors diagnosed Hannah with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS), which was triggered by the minor surgery she had to remove an ingrowing toe nail.


Appearing on ITV’s This Morning. Hannah explained that she was ‘overwhelmed with happiness that it was over and I could move on and I was getting a prosthetic leg and I can move on with life’.

She said:

Obviously at first people were sceptical,” said Hannah.

But when they saw everything I was going through they realised.

Everyday it was constant, relentless, it would never stop. If anything touched it, the wind, the rain or anyone brushed it it would cause me absolute agony.


Hannah is looking ahead to a bright future now, and is able to start studying for a chef qualification, do a paratriathlon, as well as getting back into karate.

She said: “I’m just so happy now and feel happy with everything I’ve got going on in the future.”

2 replies on “Girl Pays To Have Her Leg Amputated Over Ingrown Toe Nail”

No, she had her leg amputated due to a botched surgery, not the toenail.

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