Girl Receives The Meanest Passive Aggressive Breakup Text Of All Time

Girl Receives The Meanest Passive Aggressive Breakup Text Of All Time –

Anyone who has weathered the brutal realities of the dating world has at least one bad breakup story. Maybe you were done dirty like Carrie from Sex and the City and dumped via post-it note (although let’s be honest she deserved to be dumped).

Perhaps, you’ve received the common but devastating experience of being dumped with no warning signs whatsoever in a public space where you were left to weep.

But not many of us can claim a breakup as brutal as the all around good sport and fully-wronged woman Amy Burgess, who shared her ex’s passive aggressive breakup text on Twitter.

While some of the crucial text is blocked out from our curious eyes, the crux of the blow is still there.

“I do wanna say something tho. I’m sort of busy everyday now for the rest of this year and have concentrate on the things I have to do each day,” the mysterious ex wrote.

Um, can we all pause for a moment and appreciate how utterly brutal it is to claim you’re booked up from March until December?! Even Beyonce can squeeze in some afternoons for coffee with her close friends. What the hell is this dude onto?

Her response, of course, makes it all the more painful. “That’s chill man,” she replied.

Of course, there can’t be deep speculation on the passive aggressive end to the relationship without further context. But that hasn’t stopped people from gaping at the gall of this dude.


Well, the jury is out. Love is but a fleeing addiction leading to inevitable pain.

But damn, when that special person is free the rest of the year, it can be a real treat.

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