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Girl Sees Her Ex On Tinder And Tweets That They’re ‘Friends’ Now – Big Mistake

Girl Sees Her Ex On Tinder And Tweets That They’re ‘Friends’ Now – Big Mistake

This is the story of a former couple from Weatherford, Oklahoma who are never ever getting back together… like, ever.

Breanna, pronounced “bree-ON-uh” according to her Twitter bio, recently encountered her ex-boyfriend, Adrian, on a fun lil’ website called Tinder. They had clearly used the same photo in their profile, each cropping the other out. Since these two are “cool” now, at least according to Breeana, she tweeted out side-by-side photos of the awkward coincidence at 2 am yesterday morning. This would later prove to be a mistake.

Her tweet went low-key viral, prompting a few people to drag her for letting that “snack” Adrian get away:

Others are arguing that no, in fact, SHE is the “snack” who got away (umm, internet, you know these are people not foods, right?).

And this guy likes them both:

But then the drama began. Because apparently Breanna and her former snack were not on the same page about the breakup.

After Breanna’s tweet went viral, news of course reached Adrian. Yesterday afternoon he retweeted her tweet with this brutal callout:

“We broke up because you always lied and wanted your ex back,” he wrote. Adding: “We’re not friends.”

Adrian’s tweet went insanely viral, because Twitter lives for a good burn. His tweet has been retweeted over 150,000 times and Twitter is loving it:

But not everyone. Others are Team Breanna:

This guy thinks she’s using him:

This girl thinks she was just being playful and he’s being a thin-skinned jerk:

And some are just Team Thirst:

It’s hard to know who to side with in this scenario, without knowing the couple’s back stories. But this story is a reminder why, when you encounter an ex on Tinder, you should always just swipe left and keep it moving.


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