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Girl Has Severe Panic Attack While Scuba Diving

Girl Has Severe Panic Attack While Scuba DivingPanic2[1] Panic[1] Divers by nature tend to be cucumber cool. How else could you sail out to sea, toss on a tank, and plunge into the depths of the ocean blue? Yet, dwelling within each of us is a panic button that can get pushed when we least expect it, sending us into the danger zone without warning. Fact is many diver deaths can be directly attributed to panic, most experts believe that death due to panic is far more common than reported.

They didn’t look too deep luckily. I doubt she had the composure to release air all the way up. She’s probably about to get a ride to the hospital.

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used to love swimming in the ocean went so far out people on shore looked like ants,then I watched jaws and that damn theme starts in my head when I’m knee deep

I’m out of frame running on the water screaming like Cam on “modern family”

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