Girl Shames Guys For Group Chat Messages

Girl Shames Guys For Group Chat Messages



A young woman has said she felt ‘dirty, embarrassed and so, so offended’ after she was accidentally added to a group chat where men were sharing obscene jokes and photographs of her.

Eleanor Henry, from Australia, said she had only met two of the men briefly when they added her to a group text – not realising she would be able to read the messages they had previously shared.

Sharing a photo of her, one of the men said: “I’d throw her on that bed.”


During another chat, one guy asks for advice on what he should message her. One of the other men responds: “Show me where u pussy from. Works 9/10 times.” Doubtful…

Speaking to The Sun, Eleanor, a law student, said:

Last night, I got out the shower to find my phone literally blowing up with messages, opened them up and found I’d been added into the group chat.

My stomach dropped and I felt really sick, to the point where I felt I needed to close my blinds and hide away.

I felt dirty, embarrassed and so, so offended.


She added that she only knew two of the men from class at uni, and did not know the other two at all.

Sharing photos of the chat to Facebook, she wrote: “Let’s all wave hello to my fellow peers at Melbourne University. This is why I’ll die a feminist. It’s 2016.. Let’s get back to that conversation on equality.”

Way to go, Eleanor – objectifying and sexualising anyone is not okay. Let’s hope these guys were named and shamed.

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Acts like a slut for attention
get offended when talked about like a slut
I wonder if she feels like sharing all her group chats where she and her girlfriends talk about guys?

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