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Girl Used Snapchat To Announce To Her Entire School She Had An STD

Girl Used Snapchat To Announce To Her Entire School She Had An STD

Doctors told this girl she had an STD so she decided to share it on her Snap story to make sure anyone that banged her in the last month could go get checked out. That is awfully nice of her. She wrote ‘Anyone that’s f*cked me in the last month get tested.’


I feel bad for that guys who banged her and woke up today, jumped on Snapchat and realized that pain when they are peeing could be the clap…


Why bother having that awkward conversation with someone about how the chances that you gave them the clap are a healthy 50% when you can just snap it to them and be done with? Worst case scenario they snap you back saying “Jokes on you, I have AIDS!” but even that’s fairly manageable these days.

As for Twitter user @Y2SHAF, either he’s the lucky recipient of this snap or simply someone who just thought it was funny and threw it up for the whole Internet to see, but either way someone’s got tested for the clap…again:

THIS IS LEGIT! Not only did I find 100’s of tweets from people at her University talking about it. I found her Snapchat name, and followed her


Emily led me to her Snap in this convo:


One of her classmates led me to her Snapchat where I took this pic, referencing the original article on LadBible.


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