Girlfriend Enlists Sexy “PERSONAL TRAINER” To Flirt With Her Man During Raunchy Workout


 An overweight man appears to have lost his girlfriend after he was receptive to proposition from a sexy ‘personal trainer’ actress in a sting set up.
Intense scenes from YouTube channel, To Catch A Cheater, show the man becoming engaged in a raunchy stretching exercise with the trainer while his lover watched on a secret camera.
The shocking video, taken in Mexico City, starts with the American woman’s Mexican boyfriend stretching in a gym before being greeted by ‘Andrea’.

‘Andrea’ then introduced herself as a personal trainer and leads the man through a series of workouts, even slapping his behind as he lifted a weight.
The man marveled at the woman’s body as she lifts some dumbbells, touching her stomach and asking, ‘how did you get these abs?’
When he stated that he ‘wants to be like you,’ Andrea chuckled and flirtatiously said, ‘you already are.’



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