Girl’s Attempt At Revenge & Free Memorial Day Trip Fails Miserably

Girls Attempt At Revenge & Free Memorial Day Trip Fails Miserably


Well… Not much I can say in this girl’s defense. At least she is hot and has that going for her? If you are partying in Florida this weekend, be sure to be on the lookout for this girl. Seems like she will do anything for the VIP treatment!

This guy decided to mess with his buddies GF who was trying to “revenge f*ck” someone this weekend. He decided to go with the bros’ over hoes’ game plan. He set up the date on FB and posted the entire conversation on Imgur.

Also one side note pet peeve lol, this guy lol, uses the phrase “lol” as his punctuation lol. Or he laughs at f*cking EVERYTHING.

This girl was trying to get a free ride with us to Urban Beach Week in South Beach for Memorial Day weekend. Her “boyfriend” was a brother of mine who graduated last year. 

We have VIP tickets to the yacht party and concert afterwards and I could tell she was trying to get an in with us. She played herself right into this one. I sent all the screenshots to her boyfriend after we told her to meet us outside her apartment. We never showed up. lol.


When you don’t have money what else can you offer?


Ok… You can offer that. Anytime a girl says “GET ME LIQUOR” watch out!


Side note from me here. I don’t know if this guy had a final game plan at the time of these 2 titty pics. But how would you explain 2 titty pics of you friends girl if this plan didn’t work?!


His buddies are getting road BJ’s just for being in the car?!


Now he is all in on this plan.. And after just 1 ? He got her to play. THOT




… At least he didn’t actually go pick her up.

She is still waiting for one of you guys! Get there! This is the type of girl you can bring home to mom!

I know what a lot of you are thinking. This chick is pretty f*cking hot… Would you have smashed? I mean it isn’t his real brother…

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