Girls Reveal the Inappropriate Questions They Always Wanted Guys To Answer

Be glad girls haven’t asked you some of these questions. You wouldn’t know how to answer!

Like “how do you get someone to suck your toes before you give them a footy” JUST ASK!


The questions they always wanted to ask became too hard to handle. So they took to Reddit to ask.

Is it offensive to ask you to wash your dick before oral?

Do you masturbate thinking of your partner or some actress?

Do any of you genuinely enjoy how women taste down there? Or do you fake it?


When a guy gets “whiskey dick,” is he still in the mood for sex but just can’t keep an erection?

I’ve always wanted to know what it feels like to stick your dick in someone

Is there a “technique” you use for downtown landscaping? I don’t think I’ve ever seen a guy with red bumps or missed spots.

When guys pee at a urinal, do you pull just the shaft out, or the balls too?


Which is the best sex position that feels great to most guys.

Is there a difference on how vaginas feel?

How often do you guys acknowledge the attractiveness of other guys? Not necessarily tell them but do you guys ever think of ‘this dude is hot’ or something like that in passing?

Why do most guys love doggy style soo much?


What’s it like getting your balls touched by your partner? Why don’t some guys not like it?

Is it true that crossing your legs will hurt your dick? I’ve seen guys cross their legs before but others have told me they never do it cuz it hurts.

Referring to the best blowjob you’ve ever had, what made it the best?

What do guys think about during sex?


When we send you guys unexpected suggestive/nude pics, what is your first reaction and what do you do with them after? Save them, “use” them, delete them, look at them and then forget about it? I can’t tell you how many times I’ve sent pics and heard nothing back at all, so I wonder if their appreciated or what

Are men really that turned on by women who squirt/orgasm just from penetration?


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