Glamour Model Jailed 5 Years For Biting Part Of Woman’s Ear Off

Glamour Model Jailed 5 Years For Biting Part Of Woman’s Ear Off

Chloe Hammond, also known as Chloe Rebelle, decided to use her phone while sitting in traffic behind the wheel of her Audi TT. And other drivers of course didn’t like that the 27-year-old model was doing that. One of those upset drivers? 56-year-old Julie Holloway, who tapped on Hammond’s window and told her to stop. Big mistake. It was at this moment tha Hammond jumped at her and bit on her ear “like a dog with a chew toy.” Hammond wasn’t done as she parked her car and returned to kick Holloway in the stomach. Hammond then bit Holloway’s ear again. Oh boy…

Holloway didn’t even realize some of her ear was missing until “someone picked it up off the floor.” Holloway eventually had to undergo reconstructive surgery.


Hammond  claimed she acted in self-defense and offered to take a lie detector test to prove her honesty. But she was convicted of causing grievous bodily harm with intent after a trial at Southwark Crown Court in October. Judge Philip Bartle QC jailed her for five years today. He accepted that she was ‘genuinely remorseful’ for the ‘appalling’ attack and noted that she has no previous convictions. Ms Holloway had told the court she was verbally abused by Hammond before she ‘came out of nowhere’ and kicked her in the stomach.

“I felt her bite my ear. I couldn’t get her off me because she just lunged on to my ear. There was blood all over me, there was blood all over one of the girls and I just didn’t know that my ear had gone missing as such until someone picked it up off the floor. It’s quite disturbing to say the least.”

Hammond drove off but voluntarily attended an interview at Charing Cross Police Station two days later. She accused Ms Holloway of ‘banging on her vehicle causing dents to the side’ as well as calling her a ‘Botox bitch’.

While Hammond’s lawyer tried to tell the court that she has a history of depression and a lack of self-worth, the court agreed that that was no excuse to go munching on someone’s ear. And for that, Hammond will spend the next five years behind bars.


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