Can’t people on the internet agree on anything?

First it was the “Are this lady’s legs covered in oil?” Then, “Is this a filthy photo, or perfectly fine?” Throw in another arguably NSFW illusion, some deceiving flip flops, a possible penis and the proper way to eat a banana, and you’re finally up to speed on what the world wide web likes to fight over on a regular basis.

Now, we can add one more ridiculous disagreement to the list in the form of a friggin’ shoe. But we don’t want to give the wrong impression. This is “ridiculous” because it really is quite perplexing. Are these things light pink and white, or light blue and gray?

Aaand, go!

For just a smidge more backstory (if you’re into that sort of thing), Spanish student Nicole Coulthard posted the photo to the Facebook girls’ group GIRLSMOUTH with the following caption:

Ok girls so my friend has just sent me this asking what colour the shoe is, I would say pale pink and white, but she insists its pale blue and grey. What do you girls see? Please tell me pink and white!

Ever since, the debate has raged on, with no clear end in sight (even though the pro-pink folks claim to have it figured out):


So what say you? Are you #TeamPink or #TeamBlue? (There are people throwing Team Green into the mix, so feel free to get creative with your impending insanity.)


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