Now, I’m about as much as a doctor as Dr. Spaceman up here is, so I won’t try and push my theories on sex and orgasms on you folks (sex is a race and you should never apologize for winning the gold).

Anyway, real doctors did real science about the health benefits of orgasms. After some quick translating of the medical jargon, there are some really great reasons for wanting to get off every now and then. You know, besides our basic animalistic urges and that compulsion to make a tiny version of myself.

So in the name of health and science, let’s talk about sex.

Are you out of melatonin and just can’t get to sleep? Science says an ol’ fashion orgasm is a great way to shut your brain off for the night.

“Orgasm largely causes muscle relaxation as well as the release of…the hormone oxytocin, which has been shown to promote a sense of tranquility and peace…” -Dr. Sendler


Orgasms can also boost your mood and overall happiness. In a bad mood? Try knocking one out.

“Once more, that fabulous oxytocin is a marvelous boost to mood. Nature wants reproduction to occur and so makes the feelings associated with it pleasurable ones.”-Dr Gersh


Oxytocin doesn’t just stop there, this miracle hormone can even help your relationships outside of the bedroom with family and friends.

Oxytocin can lead to a calmer and more nurturing response to “fight or flight” situations and social conflicts, increasing the odds of you reaching out to help others.

So if oxytocin helps you fall asleep, as well as strengthens the urge to bond closer, these doctors suggest it’s actually a good thing when a partner falls asleep quickly after sex.


A decade-long study has shown that for older men, regular and frequent ejaculation can help against the risk of prostate cancer.

Getting off at least 4 times a week can lower your risk by 30% in men over 50.

“The male reproductive system fares best with regular use, and the prostate belongs to that system. The more ejaculations, the better off he’ll be.” -Dr. Gersh


Ladies, studies have shown that regular orgasms can actually help regulate your menstrual cycle. I won’t pretend to be an expert on that, so I’ll let Dr. Gersh explain:

“We know that the ovaries are very circadian and have melatonin receptors and respond negatively to inflammation.

Regular orgasms will work on all these levels to maintain our innate rhythms and lower inflammation, fostering regular cycles.”


Trying to make a baby? Well, not only is sex a great way to do that, but sex with orgasms can help with fertility.

Even outside of ovulation, regular orgasms keep your immune system healthy, which in turn helps optimize successful fertilization.

They also say that the muscle contractions during an orgasm will draw in more sperm, thus increasing your odds of conception.


Cold and Flu season is upon us, so let’s skip the dayquil and go straight for the YAYquil (orgasms).

With frequent orgasms, men have been known to have higher leukocytes (white blood cells that protect you from illness), and women have been seen with “greater changes in T cells”, which activate the cells in your body that fight disease and illness.

“There are a few things that help improve immunity. First, orgasm stimulates the release of immunological antibodies that boost immunity. Second, orgasm improves lymph flow which drains sources of infection from around the body,” -Dr. Sendler


The endorphins released during orgasms can actually act as a great pain reliever. Studies have shown that 60-70% of participants felt an improvement on their migraines after climaxing.


Need to stay sharp and be on your toes? Orgasms can improve brain activity, more in women than in men, with women showing more brain activity while masturbating than men did.

It also will generally keep you on your game by improving your sleep, lowering your stress, and improving your social attitude.


Worried about your ticker? Well let’s let our good friend Mr. Orgasm take care of your heart.

A recent study showed that sexual quality and frequency lowered the chances of hypertension and rapid heart rate in older men and women.

There have also been studies that show regular sexual activities can help avoid cardiovascular disease.




Many studies have been done to show the link between high self-esteem and sexual health. The nice part is that self-confidence can lead to sex, and sex leads to self-confidence, and so on and so on. It’s a viscous cycle I wouldn’t be too upset to be stuck in.


Do you ever look at yourself post-sex and think “damn, I look good!” Well that’s not just the boosted self-confidence talking, it’s actually your body looking better.

Orgasms will open up blood vessels across your body, helping produce collagen. Collagen is what keeps your skin looking fresh and youthful, and this seems like an easier route than getting it injected into you.


Are orgasms the key to eternal life? Well, not eternal, but there’s something to be said about living longer.

Men between 45-59 had their mortality risk lower by 50% thanks to their high orgasmic frequency.

Women, you can live longer too. An eight-decade long study showed those who orgasmed regularly outliving those who didn’t.


Shout out to Dr. Gersh and Dr. Sendler for doing the research that will (maybe) save our lives one day.



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