Google Earth Captures Mysterious Line Spanning 13,000 Miles Across Earth

A strange line across the Earth was discovered by well-known conspiracist Tyler Glockner yesterday (February 23).

Tyler posted a video to his YouTube channel secureteam10.

He regularly uses Google Earth software to scroll around the globe and while he was doing so, he found a straight line.

It spans the planet from the tip of Antarctica to the North Pole, and the distance it covers, as Tyler points out, is ‘between 12,000-13,000 miles’.

In he video, he says:

This was not created by an airliner. This map here and at this distance only gives us images of the major cloud formations and weather around the Earth.

Watch the video here:

He adds:

There are obviously hundreds of thousands of contrails by planes but we cannot see them.

Whatever created this cloud formation, if that’s what it is, would have to be massive.

Not only that, it would have the ability to go from Antarctica spanning 13,000 miles in a straight line all the way to the North Pole without stopping and without changing direction.

It would have to do this fast enough to leave this entire line of clouds in perfect condition like it moved over the Earth in a matter of minutes.

The clip has been viewed more than 360,000, with plenty of people, as always, commenting underneath and sharing their own thoughts.

One person commenting wrote:

That has to be proof of an alien mothership, surely?

But many others pointed out Google Earth is a computer-generated image of our planet and not the actual thing.

Somebody wrote:

Might be photo stitching – multiple photos being stitched together without editing where the photos to not perfectly match.

With another adding:

Tyler…Google Earth is a computer simulation not an actual vid or up to the minute picture. You guys don’t know how stuff works. Lol. All those NASA images? They are artists enhanced renderings not actual photos.

Wonder what it is? I think the photo-stitching argument seems the most legitimate.

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