Being a bikini barista sounds like one exciting and crazy job. A really good friend of mine used to date one. She got a ton of tips and was making some serious bank when something weird happened. The first weird thing was her Mormon friend from high school’s dad showing up at the stand 3 separate times acting like he didn’t know what was going on. He knew what he was doing…

The other crazy thing that happened was an older guy who came in all the time tipped her once with a stack of papers. She didn’t know what they were and just looked at the guy. He said: turn to page 2. I know what you are thinking: SEX NOVEL! Nope… It was actually his will. He took his own daughter out and replaced her with my friends GF who served this guy coffee in a bikini! WTF!

She got out of the game when a bunch of these places started getting shut down for giving a little extra creme in the coffee if you knew what to ask for. Also… Blowjobs.

Knowing just those two stories made what I am about to share not surprising at all. These girls know people need coffee and they know lonely people want to see some titties on the side.

This grandpa had an “addiction” to a local coffee stand and made a handful of posts promoting the stand to all of his friends on Facebook. That isn’t that weird for a lot of people, but think about who is on his friends list… Grandkids… After his most recent post, one of them came online to blast him and the stand he kept going to (who he thought was making him make the posts)

The grandpa wrote:

I love the pink lady bug espresso stand. Nothing makes me happier then seeing my girls do what they do best. If you like coffee and good company, this is the place to be. Heck you might even see me here 3 times a day. Today the special was Vanessa’s Vape Tricks. With every extra tip she would do these amazing tricks where she would blow smoke and write my name in it. You can tell she really practices at home. If you like coffee this is the place to be. Make sure you come to pink lady bug espresso & take care of my ladies if I am not here.

Here is my warning before I get to why I know you are here. The coffee girl! But I only had the mobile screenshots to go off so the pics aren’t the HD 1080 titty you have come to expect from us. I do apologize. I made them as bright and hit them with some effects to get them as best as can be. That being said. She is still vaping pretty NICE!

The grandson wrote:

Why do you keep posting this stuff Grandpa? This is the 4th time this coffee shop has taken advantage of you and gotten you to “share” a promotion for a discount on your drink. Don’t they know you have around 40 friends? Most of them who are just your Grandkids and my parents?? They don’t care, they know you will keep going back to them and giving them all of your social security and retirement. Mom and Dad will not be here to bail you out next time you “run out of money” because I am tagging them in this. AGAIN.

Please Pink Lady Bug I am taking you as well. Stop taking advantage of my Grandpa. None of us want to see — and it cuts off.

I think they are doing Grandpa a favor and if he wants to grow his FB following and these lovely girls business more power to him!

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