Just before you step into the shower and give myself some good old-fashioned pube maintenance, you’re  faced with a dilemma: Do you get rid of your pubic hair completely, give it a trim, or just keep the situation as is?

The Great Shave Debate: Should You Shave, Trim Or Go Full Bush?
Similar to what’s happened with the opposite sex years prior, it would appear that the state of male pubic hair has evolved. No longer can man parade around town with a mound of pubic hair cradled in his underwear. Now, man is expected to do as women do, and shave himself completely bald so that his member is more reminiscent of a pre-pubescent boy.

However, some women don’t share this sentiment for a completely shaved downstairs and prefer he just trim, which, if I’m being honest, is just as much of a pain in the ass as shaving the area entirely.

But even then, some women don’t want their man to touch his pubic hair at all, and want him to don the bush, just as some men like their women’s pubic hair to resemble a tumbleweed.

The Great Shave Debate: Should You Shave, Trim Or Go Full Bush?
This bring us to the crux of this piece: Which pubic hair option is most popular, according to the fairer sex? I sought to find out. I spoke with roughly 20 women through various forms of social media and other networks to determine which the most popular option is.

Of course, if you’re in a committed relationship, you’re better off to just ask what she prefers. But if you’re single and ready to mingle, use the following information to your advantage.

Of this survey, I’ve included the two fairest arguments for each preference below.

The Great Shave Debate: Should You Shave, Trim Or Go Full Bush?
For shaving:

1. “I don’t mind pubic hair on a dude, but my husband prefers to shave everything, and I have to admit I really like it. It just feels nicer to have nothing there when heading south. If he didn’t do it, though, I wouldn’t mind, but he seems to love it so it works for us!” – Arielle, 26

2. “Bush is always too much. Better shaved or trimmed. Depends on the overall amount on hair. If it’s a lot, do us a favor and shave. Hair all around the penis is a big no-no.” – Julia, 32

The Great Shave Debate: Should You Shave, Trim Or Go Full Bush?
For trimming:

1. “I definitely prefer my man to be trimmed! He doesn’t look like a child nor a Neanderthal. He puts the time in to manscape.” – Natalie, 30

2. “I think it’s important that partners discuss their preferences with each other, because not everyone has the same ideal. That said, I prefer my man trimmed. Shaved gets a little too naked-looking (and stubble is no fun!) but left as-is can be a bit messy if I’m getting up close and personal with that area — trimmed is perfect.” – Kristina, 23

The Great Shave Debate: Should You Shave, Trim Or Go Full Bush?
For bush:

1. “I prefer a man to leave amount of pubic hair as it is. No trimming needed. I like the feeling of those soft hairs on my fingers and I’ve had men tell me they enjoyed me playing with and gently tugging on these hairs. I think we’d both miss out if he was trimmed or shaved.” – Christine, 65

2. “If he doesn’t want to shave, he doesn’t have to. It’s not the pubes I’m after.” – Sandra, 47


Based on the feedback I received, it would appear that pubic hair maintenance in general is a “young man’s game.” It is indeed a topical trend as I alluded to earlier in the piece.

More and more men are tending to their pubic areas to appease the women in their lives, and we should. She does it, we do it. Fair is fair. Hell, some women I spoke to even vowed they wouldn’t go near the area if he didn’t at least trim.

The majority of women I spoke to (a good 60 percent, actually) said they prefer a man who trims. Like Goldilocks herself, women tend to like a man whose pubic length measures somewhere in between two extremes. She doesn’t want a bush, but she doesn’t want a human Ken doll, either.

The Great Shave Debate: Should You Shave, Trim Or Go Full Bush?
In a previous interview I’d had with Robb Gorman, owner and aesthetician of XY Men’s Skin & Grooming Lounge, this is the expert’s way of manscaping your junk: “Using a clipper or beard trimmer (with a guide!) and trim down the upper bush first. If you want a more natural groomed look, trim just enough to remove the excess hair. Too much, and you’ll start looking like a peeled eel.”

If you want to avoid the peeled eel look (which you probably should), keep your pubic hair about an inch in length or shorter. This is your best option aesthetics-wise, according to the sample of women I spoke to.

But at the end of the day, whether you’re too lazy to shave or happen to prefer the slick porn star look, a woman shouldn’t judge you by your pubic situation, so you can either take this advice and use it to your advantage, or just do you. Both are advisable options.


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