Grown-Ass Men Protest The Confederate Flag Ban In Most Childish Way Imaginable

Bigoted hipsters do, in, fact exist; beings who support right-wing agendas through the use of irony. These immature morons are protesting the Confederate flag’s ban like goddamn children.

#TakeUsDown is the ironic response to the popular twitter hashtag, #TakeDownThatFlag, and it’s run by white, right-wing men who are butt-hurt about the Confederate flag being taken down.

Here’s their ironic take on the politics of our time:

It seems that this particular conservative group is trying to re-appropriate the very medium that has destroyed them for so long. #ColbertDiditRightGuysSoStopTrying

Their Twitter movement is hilarious, but for all the wrong reasons.



What’s sad is that they’re acting like they’re discriminated against. White males. Think. They’re. Suffering. From. Prejudice. Let that sink in.


Don’t worry, if reincarnation exists, you probably will.

This beach should have a no douche policy.



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Dog to human: “Get the hell off of my blanket dumb ass!”

Hey Buddy Is that a scarf or a crying towel you’ve got wrapped around your neck? Geesh! Take us down? How about trying to man up instead!

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