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Gun-Promoting Mother Shot In The Back By Toddler With .45

On Tuesday afternoon in Putnam County, Florida, a mother was shot in the back by her young child while driving her car.

The 31-year-old Jamie Gilt was found wounded in her car, and it was determined that her four-year-old son had shot her through the back of the seat with a .45 caliber handgun. The shooting has been ruled accidental, and Gilt is alive and reportedly in stable condition.

However, internet commenters quickly pointed out that, if indeed she is the same person, the mother in question was a vocal supporter of gun rights and even had a Facebook page dedicated to her love of firearms titled “Jamie Gilt for Gun Sense.”

On it, Gilt posted a series of pro-gun posts and memes that are now tragically ironic in light of her having been shot by her own child. For example, the following meme was posted on March 3 — five days before the accidental shooting — and argues against gun-free zones in schools.


Gilt also shared this now incredibly ironic message on the page.


Considering the nature of the accident, it seems highly likely that this Jamie Gilt is the same person involved in the shooting.

A personal Facebook page for a “Jamie Gilt” contains photos of the same child from the “Jamie Gilt Gun Sense” page, who appears to be around the age of the child involved in the shooting. The page lists Gilt as being from Jacksonville, Florida, and also shows her riding horses. (A horse trailer was attached to Gilt’s car at the time of the accident.) It also contains several references to guns and pictures of Gilt posing with firearms.


There’s also this picture of a handgun with the caption “My early birthday present! – Feeling loved,” which was uploaded in January, 2015.


A Twitter account that appears to belong to Gilt tweeted out a photo of the same gun around the same time.

On top of all of that Gilt appears to have left a Facebook comment on her personal page just a day before the accidental shooting, under a meme she’d posted about home invasions, in which she wrote that her four-year-old gets “jacked up to target shoot.”

Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 2.22.20 PM

Somewhat questionably, internet trolls quickly seized upon Gilt’s pro-gun page and have begun rapidly uploading memes, many using Gilt’s own photos, to shame her for parental negligence.


All of them essentially target the terrible irony of the situation or the negligence that presumably led to a small child having access to a loaded gun.


Some are rather extreme.


Is the troll attack in good taste? That doesn’t seem to be the point. It won’t be clear exactly what happened until more facts emerge, but what’s known right now is that a toddler somehow had access to a loaded, unsecured pistol and shot his mother. Considering she was also driving at the time, the incident could have easily resulted in multiple deaths.

UPDATE:  – Both the “Jamie Gilt for Gun Sense” Facebook page and Gilt’s personal Facebook page appear to have been deleted.

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Gun-Promoting Mother Shot In The Back By Toddler With .45


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