Guy Adds Every Girl In His Phonebook To One WhatsApp Group, Gets Surprise Replies

We all know that one guy on a night out who tries the whole night to get someone to go home with him.

They spend the whole night ignoring their mates and trying to get girls to dance with him so he can impress them with his questionable moves.

The kind of guy on a night out that you can’t help but feel would benefit from a narration from David Attenborough as his clumsy attempts at pulling get rebutted.

Well one guy decided he was having none of that, and tried to expedite the process by sending a group WhatsApp message to 52 girls to see what the were up to.

He opened the chat with them all, and wrote:

Hia girls you alright, it’s Dom I just couldn’t be arsed texting you all individually, what you all doing tonight?

Dom Flanagan was in the process of messaging a handful of girls when he realised the group chat would be more effective.

 Dom said:

I was in the process of messaging about five plus girls asking them what they were doing on the night and just thought ‘this would be easier if I did it all at once.’

I was p*ssed, so added every single girl, ex girlfriends included, to the chat. None of them were keen to respond, and I was called a disgusting pig by one girl.

Dom wasn’t entirely successful with his enterprising efforts, but it did land him some attention online. At time of writing, the tweet has received over 3,000 likes and 700 retweets.

The girls themselves were understandably less than impressed, with many an expletive thrown in Dom’s direction.

The first message to the girls was sent at around 9.20 on a Saturday night, which by Dom’s reckoning puts him five hours into drinks with his mates, and possibly 10 pints down.

Speaking about whether he would try the stunt again, Dom said:

No I wouldn’t do the same thing again. As I’m sure most of the girls in the chat have boyfriends so wouldn’t want to push my luck.