This Guy Was Arrested And He’s Already Guilty Of Having The Funniest Alias Ever


Jeffrey Forrest Poole is being charged with domestic violence. He’s innocent until proven guilty. That’s the way the law works. He is guilty of having the funniest aliases of all time.

Poole, 37, was arrested early yesterday morning when Florida cops went to his Largo home to investigate a domestic disturbance call.

When Officer Graham Hartmann arrived at Poole’s door, Poole exited the residence and, according to a criminal complaint, said, “I will beat every cop’s ass!” Poole, Hartmann noted, “then raised his right fist and began to extend it towards my face in an attempt to strike me.”

Not good. Poole was charged with several crimes and not just domestic violence. He was booked into the county jail in lieu of $5150 bond.

During the paperwork process, Poole was either asked if he had any alias or perhaps he already had a record on file. Either way, cops made sure to highlight the other name Poole sometimes goes by in their report.


Dickface Johnson is still currently in jail.

Source    I Am Bored

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