I AM BORED Guy Asks Girl To Prom In The Most Racist Way He Could Think Of

4smURNn[1]This dude just wanted to ask his crush out in the most unique way he could think of, turns out that involved wearing a burka and fake bombs.


The guy’s name is Austin, his goal was to get his crush, Kiana, to go to the prom with him. Of course doing the normal thing and just asking her in between class periods he opted to try to surprise her in costume. The costume he chose was an odd one, he threw on a burka made from bed sheets and sporting a sign asking the big question with fake bombs taped to it.

If you can’t make out what the sign says it is: “I know I always wait until the last second but prom would be the bomb with you.”


As you can see in the picture above his planned actually worked, she said yes. The sad part is that once the school hears about this they will most likely not being able to go without making a public apology. Kiana posted the pictures on Twitter with the caption “LMAOOOOOOOO AUSTIN OMG.”

It’s just such a weird way to ask a girl out, I don’t know if I should be more surprised with the fact that he thought it was a good idea or the fact that it worked.

Of course the rest of Twitter didn’t find the joke to be as funny as the couple thought, and continues to call out the couple for being racist.

You can see some of the responses:





He’s wearing socks with sandals, obviously he’s white and a racist.

Wait… is it racist to call him racist?

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