Guy Blasted After Taking Girls Virginity Days Before Proposing To Someone Else

Guy Blasted After Taking Girls Virginity Days Before Proposing To Someone Else


Yo! This is some cold blooded dirtball shit.

After waiting so long for the right guy to come along this girl thought she “found the one”. At least the one to give up her virginity. Turns out he was just another douche tool cheating on his long distance girl with her…

She was trying to get the message out the best way she could. Hoping that someone in this internet driven world would be able to get the message to this guys new fiance before it was too late.


I can’t imagine the feelings you would have after giving up the v-card after waiting 20+ years to a guy you liked only to find out two days later he had a girlfriend. O wait, I mean you find out he proposed to a girl he had been with for 4 years!!!

She Wrote:

You think this is some type of game don’t you. I kept something to me for my entire life and you just come in here take it and run. I am happy I found your true colors. God has a plan for me and it obviously doesn’t involve you.

For those of you who didn’t know. Chirs the guy I was dating for the last 6 months took my virginity. Two days later I saw his post on Facebook. All of his friends and family were congrads him. BUT I didn’t have a ring. Turns out he has had a long term girlfriend.


Thanks for that…

There are some really fucked up dudes in this world.

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