This Guy Caught A MASSIVE Tuna That Turned Out To Be A New World Record, But Then He F**ked Up

This Guy Caught A MASSIVE Tuna That Turned Out To Be A New World Record, But Then He F**ked Up

This is a pretty frustrating story. Last week angler Robert Ross landed a 430-pound yellowfin tuna while fishing off Loreto, Mexico with the Pisces Sportfishing fleet. The current IGFAfishing world record for yellowfin tuna is 427 pounds, so he’d just bested the standing record by 3-pounds.

He weighed his fish, not on a certified scale but at some scale at a far, and then here’s where he completely and royally fucked up: he filleted the tuna. He chopped up his world recordthinking that all he needed to do was weigh the fish and document it and then he phoned thePisces Sportfishing general manager Tracy Ehrenberg to let them know that he’d caught a world record. This is when they told him how much he’d fucked up because you can’t just chop up a goddamn world record! It has to be certified, bro!

via GrindTV:

Ross had launched his Boston Whaler last week from the remote Pisces Collection Lodge, on the Sea of Cortez. The lodge is still under construction and does not yet have a certified scale, or a cold storage facility.
Ross told Ehrenberg that he had little choice but to process the meat, after weighing the fish at the cattle ranch; otherwise it might have spoiled.
Ehrenberg quoted the angler as saying, “I kind of thought that it might be a record. It’s the biggest tuna I’ve caught, but what were we going to do with it? It’s important but not most important for me to get a record. Next time I’ll call you before cutting it up.”
According to the Pisces Sportfishing Facebook page, the tuna was hooked on a chunk bait and landed after a 2-hour fight, standup-style, on a 60-pound test line.

Such a bummer, to have that world record yellowfin tuna in your hands and then find out you’d completely messed up and you’d now be remembered as that guy who totally goofed. Still though, it’s one hell of an achievement and I’m sure that tuna went to feed A LOT of people. Tuna’s quite possibly the best tasting fish on the planet, which you’d know if you’ve read my ranking of The 25 Best Tasting Fish in the World.

I’ll tell you what, the Pisces Sportfishing Fleet in Los Cabos, Mexico has been KILLING it lately. This isn’t really the ‘peak’ fishing time over there but they’ve managed to make fishingheadlines two months in a row. Last time we checked in on Pisces Sportfishing they’d just landed this demon shark:


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the record was not the stupidest thing. line caught yellowfin of that size can go for up to a million dollars in a japanese market

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