Guy Checks His Car In For Service And Dashcam Captures Something Shady –

Checking your car in for a service can be a massive ballache because you might think your wheels are running smoothly and then you get a bill for hundreds if not thousands of pounds, as it turns out it needed a lot of work.

But imagine if there was a way to see what your mechanic did while you weren’t there. Well, one Mercedes customer did just that – whether intentionally or not.

Let’s be clear, in case it seems this video is trying to tar them all with the same very large brush – not all mechanics are shoddy, deceptive rip-off merchants. Plenty are great at their job, and loads of them are really nice – in fact, probably most of them on both counts. Ok? Now we’ve got that caveat out of the way, let’s cut to the chase.

One mechanic in Canada allegedly charged a customer CAD $700 (£390 / USD $550) for a transmission service that included more than 90 minutes of labour. But the owner either accidentally or deliberately left their dashcam on during the process and what it picked up was very interesting.

In the footage,the S63 AMG is driven around the lot before getting lobbed onto the hoist, where it allegedly stays for 11 minutes.

Credit: Daniel Sheikhan/YouTube

This is where the real magic happens.

The mechanic picks up a colleague inside the shop and they go out to get four ice-creams. The pair bitch about another worker who refuses to buy ice-creams for the rest of the guys and brands him a ‘cheap c**t’.

According to the video’s caption, there was chocolate residue found inside one of the cup holders when the owner picked up the car.



One of the workmen then gets a call from his manager, who tells him that some of the service materials are in the boot – he later admits he didn’t read the work order properly. The owner alleges the people inside their car cracked a wheel rim when they mounted a sharp curb at speed.

It’s a pretty shitty thing to not only use someone’s fuel for an ice cream run but to charge them for 90 minutes of labour for 11 minutes of actual work is really shitty.

It’s not the first time a mechanic has been caught out thanks to a dashcam.

Iain Inglis, 47, had dropped his Mazda RX-8 off at Johnson’s Mazda in Swindon, Wiltshire. The dashcam footage shows the Japanese sports car being ‘red-lined’ by a worker, while blaring out loud music.

At several points in the video, a beep can be heard to indicate the car has exceeded its 9,000 revs-per-minute limit.

Johnsons Cars Ltd, in a statement, said: “During the investigation, we carried out a number of tests on the engine which all failed to highlight any damage to the engine when compared to tests prior to the event.

“Following on from this we discussed a number of options for a compensation agreement as a gesture of goodwill.

“Mr Inglis acknowledged that we had restored his faith, as a customer, as a company that goes above and beyond to fix issues.”

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