Guy Claims To Have ‘Proof’ Obama Uses A Body Double

Throughout history world leaders, public figures, and even just mere celebrities have used body doubles for a whole host of different reasons. 

To give public speeches on two sides of a country at the same time, to rally the troops, to stay relevant, or even – in the case of Uday Hussein – to risk a potential assassination for your lookalike.

I’m sure in the past few hundred years of American history there have been many presidential body-doubles, and this guy on the internet (great place for 100 per cent facts) claims he has proof of an Obama double.

Okay, so the story goes that bastion of truth, YouTube champion, Barry Soetoro, stumbled across two photos which just don’t add up. Classic Barry.

One photo shows the common Obama – out on a stroll in NYC, bouncing about, oozing coolness with every step.

The other photo shows Obama in Emilio’s Ballato Italian restaurant with daughter Malia.

Nothing suspicious here you say? Barry doth not agree and it’ll all make sense (I lie, it will not make any sense) if you watch Barry’s video below where he uses countless lines of different colours to somehow prove that the man in Ballato’s is not Obama.

On the perilous journey towards enlightment, Barry came to the conclusion on his magnum opus that the Obama in Ballato’s is a body double.

Now take what you want from this, you’re old enough – make up your own mind, but personally I think this is a fitting example of why we should not believe everything on the internet.


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