Guy Cleared Of Tinder Murder Posts Vile Comment On Facebook

Gable Tostee who was acquitted of murdering New Zealand tourist Warriena Wright in 2014 has hit back at people falsely accusing him of murder online.

Unfortunately he’s done so in one of the grossest ways possible, writing that the only thing he murders is ‘pussy’ on Facebook, Gold Coast Bulletin reports.

Tostee, who’s currently going by the name Eric Thomas posted how strange he found it that ‘Benny’ was short for ‘Ben’ to which a woman replied: ‘Says the murderer with a fake name..’

That’s when the 31-year-old responded ‘The only thing I murder is pussy’.


Anyway people then began to squabble with some defending Tostee and telling the woman to mind her own business while others claimed that he was simply desperately seeking attention.

Tostee was accused of killing Ms Wright after she fell from 14th floor Gold Coast apartment balcony following a Tinder date however he was acquitted after four days’ of deliberation by the jury.

At the time his lawyer claimed that Mr Tostee was ‘looking forward to moving on with his life’ following the court case but some have criticised his behaviour since.

In March Mr Tostee published a derogatory post on Facebook to mark International Women’s Day writing: ‘Happy International Women’s Day to all ma hoes!!’

Stay classy Mr Tostee…


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